SHR (Super Hair Removable)

SHR does not damage the melanin pigment, but the bulge area, which is the control tower for hair growth. By damaging and weakening the bulge area, it stops the command to grow hair and eventually stops growing hair. SHR hair removal can be effective even for hair in the regression and telogen phases, and the time to complete hair removal has been overwhelmingly shortened.

It is now possible to safely treat gray hair, downy hair, spots, moles, and sunburned skin.


Reason why COCO’s hair removal salon is popular

no damage to skin

With self-treatment, there is a risk of damaging not only the unwanted hair but also the skin surface itself.
Hair removal salon care poses far less risk to the skin than self-treatment.

less pain

Using a gel with high whitening and moisturizing effects, you can finish the persistent underarm care in about 5 minutes.

Confidence in hair removal effect

Hair removal can be completed in the shortest period of time, and we can handle all unwanted hair from downy hair to delicate zones.
Two machines are always available, so you can come to the treatment with your child.